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CSD Canteen Car Buying Process


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Its estimated that there are close to over 3000 products available at concessional price through CSD Canteen but car is the most expensive and desired Product. Its estimated that as against Civil Prices, Cars in CSD cost a lot lesser to tune of Rs 70,000 to 1.5 Lakh.

But, other consumer goods and items - which are available over the counter. Cars are bought through Authorized Car Dealerships only - however process and payments are routed through CSD Car Cell Unit and pricing is calculated with 50% Rebate on GST

GST Rate Comparison
Car SegmentCivil RatesCSD Canteen Rates - Benefit with 50% Rebate on GST
Sub 4 Meter Petrol Car with Engine < 1.2 Litre28% GST + 1% Cess = 29%14% GST + 1% Cess = 15%
Sub 4 Meter Diesel Car with Engine < 1.5 Litre28% GST + 3% Cess = 31%14% GST + 3% Cess = 17%
Petrol Car with Engine > 1.2 Litre but < 1.5 Litre28% GST + 17% Cess = 45%14% GST + 17% Cess = 31%
Diesel Car with Engine > 1.5 Litre28% GST + 17% Cess = 45%14% GST + 17% Cess = 31%
Cars with Engine > 1.5 Litre but GC < 170 mm28% GST + 20% Cess = 48%14% GST + 20% Cess = 34%
Cars with Engine > 1.5 Litre and GC > 170 mm28% GST + 22% Cess = 50%14% GST + 22% Cess = 36%

Eligible Profiles for Buying Car through CSD Canteen

Whether - you from :-
  • Indian Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Defence Sector on payrolls of Government of India are eligible to buy cars through CSD.
  • Widows of Defence Officers, Parent of Deceased Officer who lost lives while serving the nation can also buy Car.
All Commissioner Officer, Ex-Servicemen from Defence Personnel can buy car irrespective of Ranks through CSD. Even - can also get finance from Private Banks or Nationalized Banks as per sole discretion.

CSD Car Buying Process - Updated & Revised with Clear Instructions

Step 1 - Have Updated Valid Documents

1. Ensure that you have
  • PAN Card Copy in Original with you
  • Aadhar Card
  • Csd Grocery Card duly renewed and updated, PPO, & discharge book,all in easily accessible place.
Reason - many personnel have missing documents or have Grocery Card validity expired and thus face issue later on like when they get new Grocery card and process for billing it states that - 'Duplicate Demand already exists for Same PAN'. Also as a user you cant edit Grocery Details after updating once on site and same approved by ADMIN of Afdportal.

So First and foremost is to ensure Correct Documents with you

Step 2 - Check your Eligibility for Buying Car through CSD

CSD Canteen has specified a chart - which defines Car Eligibility basis Pay Scale of Defence Personnel and revised in Eligibility Criteria

CSD Pay ScaleMaximum Car Price (Without GST)Minimum Service Criteria Gap
Sepoy/ L.Naik /Naik / Naik Subedar. AC/LAC/CPL/SGT/JWO. OS/LS/PO/CPO (Pay Level 3A to 5)Rs 8 Lakh (earlier 6 Lakh)First Car only after 5 years of ServiceOnce in Job, Once in Retirement, but gap should be of 8 Years. First Car after 5 years of Service
Subedar / Subedar Major. WO/MWO. MCPO 2nd C/ MCPO 1st C (Pay Level 6 to 9)Rs 10 Lakh (earlier 7Lakh)First Car only after 5 years of ServiceFirst as OR, Second Car on Promotion as JCO and 3rd Car after Retirement, , but gap should be of 8 Years
Officer Grade and above: Pay Level 10 - 18Rs 20 Lakh (earlier 15 Lakh)Can Buy Car at any time8 Yrs Gap before buying Second Car
Serving Defence Civilian Officer : Pay Level 11 - 18Rs 20 Lakh (earlier 15 Lakh)Can Buy Car at any time8 years gap between 1st and 2nd car
Also Beneficiaries will be entitled to purchase EV costing upto 5 Lakh more than the limits stipulated above

Do note that above Car Price Eligibility is without GST

  • Jawan can buy Cars with 1.5 Litre Petrol Cars having Exshowroom Price of Rs 11.5 Lakh and smaller 1.2 Litre Engine Cars having Ex-showroom Price of Rs 10 Lakh
  • JCO will be eligible for Cars with 1.5 Litre Petrol Cars having Exshowroom Price of Rs 14.5 Lakh and smaller 1.2 Litre Engine Cars having Ex-showroom Price of Rs 12.75 Lakh
  • SUV or Sedan Cars with Ex-showroom Price of Rs 29 Lakh would be what available for Officer Grade
This is very welcome move, as car prices increased substantially in recent months - now Jawan can own even SUV Cars like Brezza, Venue, Nexon, XUV300 comfortably.

JCO also got a welcome hike in eligibility and they can own Mid SUV Cars like Creta, Seltos, Kushaq along with top end models of Brezza, Venue, Sonet, Nexon will be in there budget. While Officer Grade can easily own Jeep Compass, Tata Safari, Harrier, Mahindra XUV700 in there budget range.

Applicable from 1st January 2023 onwards

Step 3 - User Registration on CSD Site

User Registration is the first Step. A User need to visit website https://afd.csdindia.gov.in/ and register to create a new user account (if not having).

How to Create User Account - Visit Site, Click Shop Now and then Register to create an account by submitting
  • Aadhaar for KYC
  • Grocery Card
  • PPO
Once application submitted - you will get a message that Thank you for Registering on the CSD AFD Online Portal. You will be sent notification after admin approves your request.

It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 Working Days from CSD Admin End to approve account. Do note that now no separate approval required for buying Car through CSD - anyone who meet eligibility norms and buying Car as per Limit Specified is by default approved.

Step 4 - Contacting Dealer Showroom for Car Availability, Price Quote
  • Now is the time to contact your Car Dealer. Ensure that Dealer Showroom has Facilitation of Car Delivery through CSD Canteen
  • Also, Its important to note that all model Variants may not be listed and even if car model is approved, so pls check and enquire on Model Variant availability as every Model Variant as Unique Index Number, Price through CSD Canteen as what finalised
  • Once Model and Variant Finalized - ask Dealer to give a Proforma basis CSD Canteen Price List with breakup of Price, Road Tax, Insurance Premium having Model, Sub Model, Color including Tentative Delivery Status basis Stock. Do ensure that Unique Index Number as what allotted in CSD is mentioned with Model Variant Name, Color in the Proforma Invoice and even the final Invoice too
  • Also take - Availability Certificate that the car will be delivered in how many days post booking
  • Price Quoted by Dealer Showroom can be matched by Login to AFD Portal. In no-way a dealer can charge a higher or different price as what referred in CSD Portal, Ofcourse Registration and Insurance Premium is Separate.

Step 5 - Payment Process

In meanwhile your user account details will be approved in CSD Site and a confirmation would be received on your mail. Now you can arrange for Funds
  • Its time to Arrange Funds - If Ready Funds Available, its well and fine. Else apply for Car Loan with any Private Bank or PSU Bank
  • Car Loan Application to Loan Disbursement takes a short time in between 1 to 2 weeks. So - apply for loan only Post Sanction received. Do note that - In Certain Car Loan Cases - Banks also issue a consolidated Draft equivalent to value of Car - if Margin Money Deposited with them. Checkout with your Bank - If Facility Available. Ensure to keep a original copy of Bank Sanction / Disbursement Letter for Verification in CSD
  • RTGS to be done in favor of CSD Head Office Main Account AFD1 Receipts Only in Punjab National Bank in PNB Fort Branch, Mumbai. Pls ask for Account Number from local dealer
Step 6 - Uploading Documents in CSD Site

Then Online Applicantion Form with relevant documents (as listed in Tabular Format) should be uploaded in Soft Copy Format on CSD Website
  • Proof of Payment as made to CSD Head Office Main Account AFD1 Receipts in Punjab National Bank.
  • Pan card and Aadhar card (ID and Address Proof)
  • Job ID Proof, Pay Slip (If Working) / Exservicemen ID Proof (if retired) / Job ID Proof (if deceased and applied by family members)
  • Dealer Car Proforma Price with Make, Model Variant, Color Details
  • Availability Certificate from Dealer
  • Once you choose the Canteen through which you intent to collect purchase order the bank to which payment is to be made will pop up - Make Payment and Submit Application
As soon as you submit applicationyou will get acceptance/ cancellation slip from CSD, Then - Generate Challan and Save Same to take a Print Out which is needed for submission to CSD Canteen.

Important Points while Filling and Submitting Application Form for CSD

» Pan Card Number and Grocery Number to be Mandatory Filled

» If Previous Car Purchased through CSD then date of Purchase, else if no previous car purchased then specify that no Previous Car Purchased. Do not Leave Column Blank

» Complete Address, Service Number, Date of Enrolment and for Ex-servicement Date of Discharge - all details to be completely filled

» There is no separate Priority List or Sanction needed. All Customers meeting in CSD Eligibility requirement criteria are well considered approved for taking benefit through purchase of Car through CSD

CSD HelpDesk

If someone faces an issue while doing registration can contacr on Helpdesk - 0120-4699923

Also, a Whatsapp helpline number created for any CSD related query where can send message on 9321601308 for any issue related to Product Price or availability,

But, instead of making Phone call or Whatspp - recommended Medium is Helpdesk Email Id - afd-support@csdindia.gov.in and customercareafd1@cims-net.com

created where any issue related to CSD can be emailed in. It will be quicker response through Email as against Phone call where you may continue try to connect.

Step 7 - Submit Documents in CSD Canteen for Purchase Order Issuance

In a couple of days - the unit through which purchase order is given will contact you. They will ask to check all documents in Original
  • CSD Challan Copy
  • Pan card and Aadhar card (ID and Address Proof)
  • Canteen Grocery Card (Remember your PIN) - also if your Grocery card is more than 10 yrs Old it needs renewal pre hand
  • Copy of Driving Licence (Driving License is Relaxed for Senior Citizens as per Guidelines issued in June 2015)
  • Service Certificate (Working) / Ex-Service ID Card Discharge Book and PPO (for Ex-Servicemen)
  • Relationship Proof in Original and PhotoCopy along with Pension Copy (Only in Deceased Cases)
  • Dealer Car Proforma Price with Make, Model Variant, Color Details
  • Availability Certificate from Dealer

Step 8 - Purchase Order Issuance

  • The Purchase Order (including Sale Letter, Supply Order Number and Authority Letter) is then issued after scrutiny of documents either on same day or in next 2 to 3 days - you can take this Purchase Order along with you for taking Delivery.
  • Applicable Road Tax and Insurance Premium Payment has to be separately made by the Applicant at Dealer Premise or at RTO and Insurance Company on it own. Any additional accessories if bought will have to be paid separately by applicant to dealer directly
Important: In case the car is on waiting, a minimum booking amount can be done as decided by the manufacturer.. However - complete payment can only be made with CSD once dealer confirms that vehicle is in stock with availability certificate on letter head.