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Major Allowances of Officers (Indian Navy)


Staff member
AllowanceTo whom GrantedRate Per Month (in Rs.)
FLYINGQualified Pilot / NAO25000 / pm
SUBMARINEQualified Submariner25000 / pm
MARCOsQualified as MARCOs25000 / pm
DIVING QUALIFIEDShip Diver900 / pm
SEA GOINGAll Naval Officers serving Onboard Ships (Sailing only)10500 / pm (This allowance is granted on pro rata basis, on condition that the sea vessels should be deployed for a minimum 4 hrs in a day)
TECHNICALTechnical Officers3000 - 4500 / pm depending on courses qualified
INSTRUCTIONALAll Officer posted as InstructorNot yet notified
HARD AREAAll Officers posted in Hard Area as declared by Govt.20% of Basic Pay
UNIFORMAll OfficersNot yet notified
HOUSE RENTTo Officers not provide Govt. Accommodation24%, 16%, 8% of Basic Pay
TRANSPORTAll Officers7200 / 3600 (+DA thereon)