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Punjab Amalgamated Fund (PAF) Schemes


Staff member
S No.SchemeAmount
1SSB Coaching3000/-
2Paraplegic ESM - Addition / Alteration of Bathroom20,000/- once in life time
4Blind ESM/widow1500/- per month
5Sewing/Embroidery Training Scheme in Hoshiarpur Distt.50,000/- per year
6Handicapped Wards - Disability 40% to 50%
51% to 75% 76% and above
7800/- PA
9600/- PA 11400/- PA
7Providing medical equipment such as special beds, tri-cycles, scooters etc.to Paraplegic ESM/ Widows & Wards of ESM.-
8Grant for additional travelling Allowance to Welfare Organisers400/-pm