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Hero CSD Bike Price List


Staff member

HERO Glamour​

ModelCSD Price
Hero Glamour SV Disc Drum Self Cast78.1k
Hero Glamour SV Drum Self Cast74.2k

HERO HF Deluxe​

ModelCSD Price
Hero HF Deluxe Drum Kick Cast51.3k
Hero HF Deluxe Drum Self Cast57.1k
Hero HF Deluxe i3S- Drum Self Cast57.8k

HERO Passion​

ModelCSD Price
Hero Passion Pro Disc Self Cast70.5k
Hero Passion Pro Drum Self Cast66.7k

HERO Scooter​

ModelCSD Price
Hero Scooter Destini 125 Lx66.8k
Hero Scooter Destini 125 Vx72.5k
Hero Scooter Maestro Edge 110 Vx59.3k
Hero Scooter Maestro Edge 110 Zx63.5k
Hero Scooter Maestro Edge 125 Disc Self Cast75.1k
Hero Scooter Maestro Edge 125 Drum Self Cast67.5k
Hero Scooter Pleasure + Cast Wheel Fi66.6k
Hero Scooter Pleasure + Sheet Metal Wheel Fi58.8k

HERO Splender​

ModelCSD Price
Hero Splendor Plus Drum Kick Cast59.9k
Hero Splendor Plus Drum Self Cast62k
Hero Splendor Plus I3S Drum Self Cast65.7k
Hero Splendor Ismart 110 Plus Drum Self Cast61.5k
Hero Super Splendor Disc Self Cast71.7k
Hero Super Splendor Drum Self Cast68.2k

HERO Xpulse,Xtreme​

ModelCSD Price
Hero Xpulse 200119.5k
Hero Xtreme 160 R Front & Rear Disc106.8k
Hero Xtreme 160 R Front Disc102.4k

Prices are subject to change without notice, so customers should always check AFD CSD Online Portal for updates before making their purchase - afd.csdindia.gov.in login page